A Taste of Magic- Manhattan, NY

10891685_764188503667793_6375925362886068853_n While I was in Manhattan over the Christmas Holiday I got a phone call from one of the members of ‘Magnets’ and I found out that there was a A Taste of Magic tonight and they wanted me to come perform.  Of course I said yes but then quickly realized that

a) I didn’t have any gear with me

b) call time was only 2 and a half hours a way.

c) I had nothing to wear.

So I quickly hopped back on the subway to the place I was staying liberated 3 teacups, a wooden spoon, and a Roll of Aluminum Foil from my friend Ian’s kitchen.  Ironed some clothes and I was off to the Show.  That was my best experience with Taste by far.    Every table had such a great group of people at them.    I got to spend the evening with some of my best friends.  And they suprised me by singing Happy Birthday to me in front of the entire audience.  Definitely a show I am never going to forget.