Upcoming Event: A-Lot-A-Con Oneonta, NY

aboutWhere:  SUNY Oneonta

When:  March 21st

Time: 4pm

I was just asked to do a performance for the local comic con A-LOT-A-CON at SUNY Oneonta.   But being who I am I decided to make it more interesting.  I am going to do a performance and a discussion on how the Magical Arts could be applied to Cosplay.  For those that don’t know Cosplay  stands for ‘Costume Play’ and it happens when people dress up as their favorite characters from TV shows, Anime, Sci Fi and then live action role play for the day as that character.  There are a ton of special effects that could be replicated by using the Magical Arts.  For instance a red silk on a reel could be used to replicate a fireball.  Typical Magic Effects could be used to replicate some ‘timey wimey’ stuff that is just completely out of whack with the Universe if you are The Doctor.  There is much more that could be discussed and I know this is going to be a fun event.