Oneonta’s Farmers Market, Oneonta NY

11800224_879244312162211_4845361699282495736_nI had awesome shows all day today at The Oneonta Farmers Market.  It was refreshing and revitalizing to do a show so close to Home.  I got so see some familiar faces as well meet some new ones.

Adirondack Renaissance Fantasy Festival, Inlet NY

11143584_870932542993388_4619714408383773708_oTiffany and I debuted our two person show this weekend.  She did great being on stage with me for the first time.  We also got to hang out with some friends that we met at Mayfaire on the Green.  It was great to be able to see them again.  Christine the Fire performer taught Tiffany some basic belly dancing.  And I got to try out a dangerous spike trick with a real audience.  It was a great weekend and we have some big plans for our two person show.

Ice Cream Social, Oneonta NY

11393388_855221501231159_5863207691508786991_oThis was an awesome fundraiser event for Oneonta World of Learning.  A local children’s museum that focuses on learning through play.  Not only did they get a great turn out but they also had a ton of support from local groups such as Job Corp, Girl Scouts, YMCA, Carriage House and way to many organizations to keep track of.   The crowd loved the mini show that I put on for them and I can’t wait to help out the local community again soon.

Kellystone Campground Carnival, Nineveh NY

10516799_855221571231152_71992149633040554_nThis was a hidden gem for events this weekend.  I was hired to work a kids carnival in Nineveh NY.  I arrived and met the owner and found out that the rest of the crew for the carnival was her daughters, sons, grandsons, granddaughters, and a few grandsons.  It was amazing to see all the activites from carnival games to clowning that this family did together to entertain the guests of their campground.  Also this campground was amazing.  Plenty of place to camp or hook up an RV.  There was even a 9 hole golf course.  Definitely worth checking out if you want a place to stay for the weekend.

Mayfaire on The Green

11313120_845554728864503_2215092480193103572_oHad a Great Rein Faire This Weekend in Holland Patent NY  (Just outside of Utica).  It was a fantastic event, that allowed me to meet some talented performers and even get some more inspiration on how I can always improve.  Can’t wait to see you all again soon!

Oh! Fest! 2015 Oneonta, NY

11181790_836752459744730_699127491078586682_o  It was awesome to perform 4 hours of back to back street magic this weekend.  The crowds were great and I loved the reactions that I got during the day.  The magic of building a crowd an turning them into an audience is something hard to explain but any performer who knows how to do it will tell you how rewarding it is.  Hope to see you all again next year.

Kidabaloo, Oneonta NY

IMG_7442-1024x683What a great event this was. I showed up setup my space early and got to do some pre show magic for Leslie Ann at WZOZ 103.1. Once the doors opened though it was non stop magic for the next 5 hours. By the time it was done I had left hundreds of kids with a smile on their face and I was ready to relax. I cannot wait for the next event and this was a great way to warm up for some festival work this summer. If you missed Kidabaloo this year I hope to see you there next year!

MAYFAIRE ON THE GREEN, Holland Patent Village, NY May 16-17th

img_1It’s now confirmed. Bobert will be performing for Mayfaire on the Green in Holland Patent Village. He will be showcasing his classic magic all weekend long for the patrons of this awesome event. Come check it out at

1920’s Vaudeville Show- Oneonta, NY

Bobert The Great What a great event we had on Friday Night.  Tiffany had met the owner of a vintage clothing boutique about a month ago and we hatched the plan of a Roaring 20’s themed show.  This gave me some motivation to dust off a few of the magi classics and put them in a performance setting. The whole evening was just so well put together.  From the people in costume, the pianist and the magic show.  We all had a blast!  And I was super happy to hear from the owner that they felt like they got a level of entertainment way above what they were expecting.  I really hope they plan to do another one of these evenings.

Upcoming Event: A-Lot-A-Con Oneonta, NY

aboutWhere:  SUNY Oneonta

When:  March 21st

Time: 4pm

I was just asked to do a performance for the local comic con A-LOT-A-CON at SUNY Oneonta.   But being who I am I decided to make it more interesting.  I am going to do a performance and a discussion on how the Magical Arts could be applied to Cosplay.  For those that don’t know Cosplay  stands for ‘Costume Play’ and it happens when people dress up as their favorite characters from TV shows, Anime, Sci Fi and then live action role play for the day as that character.  There are a ton of special effects that could be replicated by using the Magical Arts.  For instance a red silk on a reel could be used to replicate a fireball.  Typical Magic Effects could be used to replicate some ‘timey wimey’ stuff that is just completely out of whack with the Universe if you are The Doctor.  There is much more that could be discussed and I know this is going to be a fun event.